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It is continual show for world wines after 1st Red Wine Festival held at 2008 in Macau, to cope with the great requirements of Macau casinos, hotels, huge volume of tourists there, within the period of Beer Carnival to attract more buyers patronage.
Duty Free    
Following Hong Kong market, Macau government takes FREE DUTY policy since 2009 to import and export wines that make a wine paradise to the region in Hong Kong and Macau, especial in the world casino capital where other market scarcely can compare it.
What a Fantasyland for Trade Sale and Drink World Wines in Macau! That is a real business opportunity for those bewildered wineries to expand the market, also is the way to jump out against the Financial Crisis today to evacuate their wine store instantly.

    Spirits, liquor, alcohol, white wine will show at same stage in Macao Red Wine Festival which will richen the containing of the Festival functions including all kinds of wines for the choose by world buyers during the Event period. Let your Drink be welcome in the World Casino Capital, Macao by VIP and numerous visitors.

Lower price for participation
US$1200 per 3x3 Sq.m Booth, may be only a dinner by you,
But you can make big business and get orders there promptly!
DoníŽt let wealthy fortune be flying out of your hand!

World Wine (China) Trade Show Centre
This is the unique agent for world wineries and wine labels; dealing with all China wine buyers and distributors; handling wine purchase orders to worldwide wineries: who are from America, German, other parts of Europe, as well as South America etc. We welcome you to join us in selling your wine to China as soon as possible! China-wide wine buyers are waiting for your wonderful wine products! Samples are needed (if any) prior to the event for buyers' inquiry and tasting.