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Visa:     Entry Visa to Macao will issue at landing on spot to the passport holders from any countries except the visitors come from main-land China who need apply the Special Pass by own issued by China Security Bureau. top
Weather:     In Autumn : 16° - 22° C top
Electric:     220 V 50 Cycles top
Mobile Phone:     NETWORK GSM top
Currency Change:     US$1=MOP$8.00 (Approximate) Change rate according to current market top
Tax and Duty:     Free Duty for Grape Wine and no food, wine and beer sales tax needed in Macao, only the duty charges are as following regulation:
I. Beers:
KindsClassify in Macao Foreign TradeCIF MOP$Special MOP$/LTMark
Beer22031.00Wheat brewing beer and others
II. Drink containing alcohol:
KindsClassify in Macao Foreign TradeCIF MOP$Special MOP$/LTMark
A)Drink that Alcohol containing >or = 30%(20°) except rice wine2205¡G2206¡G220810%1.00All alcohol drink that alcohol containing >30% whatever the resource how to brew in yeast
Beer Carnival Location     Beer Carnival will be arranged at the busy commercial area, where can be easy to set Beer Pub World pavilions and ¡§Food Street¡¨. It can attract and concentrate visitors, numeral buyers easy trace, and enhance the atmosphere of Carnival celebration. top
Literature Tables:     An amazing value at an exceptional price, literature tables provide great exposure even on the tightest of budgets. The Literature tables will be located on busy exhibition site inside a special booth, so it will be sure and take advantage of this opportunity to display your company's most valuable information.

Each tabletop display space (4'L x 2'W) will be available of US$200 per company for participants or non-attendants that the table will be shared using if the space vacant. This booth will be open throughout the Festival for attendees, visitors that companies may display their materials by purchasing literature table. The literature tables will be available for placement of materials during the carnival time. Organizers will not assume responsibility of any items displayed on or underneath the table.
Exhibitor Pass:     Each Booth with 4 free pass, US$100 in additional charge per more pass top
Floor Plan:     A Type 3x3 Sq. M     B Type 3x4 Sq. M     C Type : Net Space Area top
Shipper:     Who will ship exhibits and do custom clearance including duty payment assisting. top
Construction :     Official Contractor
  • General maintenance of exposition aisles and no variances will be accommodated over the height limits
  • Move-in: Nov 4, 2009 9:00 AM Stand Build up
  • Exhibitor booth decoration: Nov 5, 2009 9:00- 18:00
  • Move-out: Nov 16, 2009 Before 12:00 PM
  • If raw space construction required that the detail should send with drawing to Constructor 1 month before the Fair
  • Invitation fee: No charge except to China which US$100 is required to pay in advance
  • top
    Official Travel Agency     Who will arrange the tours in Macao during the Event , accommodation, shuttle bus, and post tour in China. top
    Hotel Information (Some):    
    The Landmark Hotel www.landmarkhotel.com.mo
    Mandarin Oriental Hotel www.mandarinoriental.com
    Hotel Royal www.hotelroyal.com.mo
    Hotel Golden Dragon www.goldendragon.com.mo
    Holiday Inn Macau www.macau.holiday-inn.com
    Metro Park Hotel www.hotelgrandeur.com
    Hotel Fortuna www.hotelfortuna.com.cn
    Emperor Hotel www.emperorhotel.com.mo
    Rocks Hotel
    Tel: (853)2878 2782
    Fax: (853)2872 8800
    Hotel Reservation:     All the hotel reservation for exhibitors will be handled by the organizer to get special price and convenient arrangement of Festival shuttle bus which will be in other guide issues to denote the schedule. Credit card for accommodation reservation is available. Reservation can be through: winefair@biznetvigator.com top
    Canival Hand Book:     Definitive guide for all participants in the Exhibition, and offers a chance for advertising exhibitors to show their name and wine brands known to visitors during the exhibition and future record. The Carnival Hand Book will be published by the size of 8 1/2" x 11" as a pocket size guide to print with thousands of copies. Advertisement is available for both participants and non-participants of the Event.

    The prices for advertisement in Carnival Hand Book are as follows (Payment by wire to see advise in
    Registration to know wiring address ) :
    Front Color Cover ............................ US$3000
    Inside Color Cover ........................... US$1800
    Back Inside Color Cover .................... US$1300
    Back Color Cover .............................. US$2500
    Inside Color Page ............................. US$800
    Inside B/W Page ............................... US$400
    Inside Half Color Page ....................... US$400
    Inside Half B/W Page ........................ US$200
    Note: Advertisement materials should deliver before Oct 5, 2009 to Organizer or by e-mail: winefair@biznetvigator.com