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Macao Food And Drink Fair
It will be jointly held during the Beer carnival through whole period in Macao, to provide delicious flavor food from America, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as European countries and world famous restaurants assembly in this Food Mart
for local and foreign visitors to taste and savor during the Beer Carnival time. Macau has composed western and oriental cultures whether local people or foreign tourists desire the different styles of food to enjoy the wonderful cooking and discover their cultures as well.

All the beverages as: mineral waters, juices, sodas, coca cola and a variety of drinking products, will be welcome to show at the Fair. The nutrition and safety beverage now are concerned by drinkers, that is rare chance for participants to introduce their beverage to hundred thousand attendants on spot.

Macau, the capital of world casino, is continually expanding its ˇ§culinary identity.ˇ¨- local cuisine as well as world culinary fare, currently exist side by side. Authentic Portuguese curry chicken can be relished at many Macau restaurants, along with American food, Australian steaks, Italian spaghetti and pizza, rich French cuisine, tasty British dishes, Taiwanese and Hong Kong specialties, together with world favorite of Chinese foodsˇV all can be enjoyed at local Macau restaurants. Even the most experienced of Hong Kong visitors are tantalized when dining in Todayˇ¦s Macau. The doors are open! Your special food and drink products can be a part of this ever expanding marketplace there.

Macau Food and Drink Fair will lay its way so that visitor taste buds can sample your product; for traders to write new contracts; and for China and Hong Kong of neighborhood to stock-up on your wines and food products. It will be most regional interactive food event to expand your business!