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Today's Macao     It is 10th Anniversary that the sovereign returned to China, Macao now becomes an oriental Las Vegas and world casino capital, to be the important exhibition center in Asian area to attract world participants. Both its GDP and tourism with 30 million visitors are all over Hong Kong in 2008, that the tourist volume is world No.1 which is calculated upon the world visitors only to travel at one city on their staying. There are many new top hotels and new deluxe casinos established to supply numerous brands of Beer to welcome huge world consumers patronage that make booming market and good beer business in Macao.

World Beer Festival    After the successful first Macao Beer Carnival, most of Beer brewing countries intend to participate the coming 2nd Beer Carnival in Macao, that is a real world beer festival to welcome from European countries, America, Canada, Australia to celebrate an international beer carnival in Macao at the Fall of 2009. It is an advocate to concentrate so many famous brewing nations worldwide under one roof for people to enjoy their various craft beers at one stage.

The local beer market requires beer suppliers and dealers to hold international Beer Festival at Macao in a Carnival to promote their products for world visitors and beer drinkers recognizing, that people will feel and share "Happy Hour" there to enjoy world various brands of incredible beers. That will attract huge visitors and traders to attend this Beer Carnival at Macao.

The Beer Pub World sets for Beer Carnival at the location of Macao to serve beer to consumers under various colorful pavilions by famous brands of beer suppliers and dealers coming from nations worldwide. Music, dancing, carnival parade will accompany with beer drinkers to cheer them up when they enjoy beer. This is also a good opportunity and fastest way to deal with Macao casino business and China market for these beer suppliers and dealers to get orders there.

Beer Fast Drink Competition will be held during Beer Carnival that can enhance the excitement and entertainment to welcome thousands drinkers and visitors every day. Rich awards for the winners will encourage people in participation.

Organizer: Standard Exhibition (China) Consultant Service Ltd (www.standardexpo.com) and its directors are more than 20 year experiences to organize world shows and business tours. The famous "Asia Today" in 1987 at San Francisco organized by them successful, which promoted the Qingdao Beer to US market for its participation. It has held the first Macao Red Wine Festival and Beer Carnival in 2008 year, and will organize 2nd Beer Carnival and Red Wine Festival, Food and Drink Fair in Macau combined in one Event together at Spring of 2010. It will do its best to achieve the target of exhibitors getting fruitful contracts from traders through this Event, then makes the 3rd and 4th Beer Carnival continually till permanently in Macau accepted by world colleagues.

Miss Beer Pageant
The most interest function of Miss Beer Pageant intends to host during the Beer Carnival-Macao, which will bring high feel to said Event both beautiful attracting and funny action. Miss Beers will show their talent by performance and beer drink competition through entire function in same Event location.
The representatives of Miss Beer are come from brewers or suppliers of world famous beer labels, the championship will get the contract to be the Promotion Ambassador for the label beer.

Sponsored by : Lahnsteiner Beer famous Germany beer in the world