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European Beer Culture and Festivals    
Beer is a very important part of life for many Germans and other European people, like British, Belgian, Irish, and east European countries. They have the largest annual consumption of beer per head in the world with vast variety of German beers, British beers, Belgian beers and other European beer products. All these craft and premium beers are popular worldwide with highly international standard quality.
Despite hundreds of years of innovation though, European beer's characteristics and flavor have remained relatively unchanged which drinkers feel as family members never apart and being daily enjoy. In European each region brews its own distinctive types of beer, from the yeasty, opaque beer of Bavaria, to Bamberg's smoky pale ale of Cologne and other various beer styles brewed by different European countries.
Annual Beer Festivals in European countries supported by local government are very popular and exciting by local and foreign drinkers, which are hosted at Asian area in prevailing recently, especial Germany Beer Festival. Beer Carnival Macao sincerely invites the festivals from Germany beer, British beer, Irish Beer, Belgian beer, Australia beer and others to be hosted with it jointly to compose a real World Beer Carnival in Macao.

American Beer Culture   
America's brewing landscape began to change by the late 1970s. The traditions and styles brought over by immigrants from all over the world were disappearing. Highly effective marketing campaigns had changed America's beer preference to light-adjunct lager. Low calorie light lager beers soon began driving and shaping the growth and nature of the American beer industry, even to present day. These home brewing roots gave birth to what we now call the "Craft Brewing" industry. Increased home brewing activity inspired beer enthusiasts to start their own small brewing companies. Their intent was always to reintroduce the public to more flavor and to the traditions of beer. Several notable "events" took place annually that helped inspire a change in American beer culture. Through the plate of Beer Carnival-Macao that American beer will seize the business opportunity to promote their craft beer known to Asian people widely, that is quickest way to sell them all in Asian area since after.

China Beer Wine Culture and Tours   
It is not only western favorable event of beer festival, China now is very popular for its own beer festival as famous Qing Dao Beer Festival, Harbin Beer Festival known in the world. Also Macao Beer Carnival will be another idea place for China Beer Festival to hold it.
China has the world biggest consumer market for beer, wine, spirits with thousand years brewing history and culture which are enjoyed by drinkers from most of Chinese family there .China Wine Culture Tour Exhibition will bring China rich wine culture heritage and wine products to Macao with folk dances and singing performances , as well as famous artists live painting pictures, flavor foods and drinks, which will be excited and applauded by China and local visitors, foreign attendees definitely. Macao and China TV will do live transmission for it. The exhibition will advocate another issue of China Wine Tour to world tasters and wine enthusiastic tourists for their future visiting as western nations done. To click
To click China Wine Culture Tour Exhibition for the detail.